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Benefit Plan Audit Services (BPA) is a world-class consulting group, specializing in the review of health benefit plan payments, procedures, and controls. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality professional consulting services, at a cost-effective price.

We are committed to providing you with the best people for the job. Our team of professionals has a proven track record in all aspects of claims processing and evaluation. We hire only the most qualified, seasoned professionals in the health care evaluation and consulting field. Unlike our larger competitors, we will never send inexperienced individuals in to evaluate your plans. We know that it takes experience in the health care payment and operations environment to understand the complexity and intricacies of your plans.

To provide our clients with significant and meaningful results, we provide you a team of professionals who have a depth of talent and skills, so they can quickly and effectively make a difference for you, and save you money. We bring the proven track record to deliver, and the ingredients to succeed, to every project we perform. And, we do all this at a budget-friendly rate.

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Our talented team of professionals has a wealth of experience evaluating benefit plans that issue payments for a variety of organizations:

  • Third Party Administrators, such as Benesight, HealthPlan Services, Harrington Benefit Services, and American Benefit Plan Administrators

  • State, County, and City Governments, such as the Orange County, CA Health Authority (CalOptima), the States of Oklahoma, Washington, and South Carolina, the Cities of Oklahoma City, Shreveport, and Tempe, Clark County, NV, Fauquier County, VA and the County of Sonoma, CA

  • Corporations, such as, McDonald's, Dole Food Company, Dial Corporation, Bombardier Capital, AFLAC, Olin Corporation, Ispat Inland Steel, Meijer Stores, Darden Restaurants, Barnes & Noble, Snap-On Tools, The First American Financial Corporation, and Dayton Hudson/Target Stores

  • Taft-Hartley Union Trust Funds, such as the Las Vegas Hotel and Restaurant Employees, the Southern California Laborers, the Southwest IBEW-NECA, the Hawaii Laborers, the Arizona Operating Engineers, and the Southwest Teamsters

  • Trade Associations, such as the American Veterinary Medical Association

  • School Districts, such as Coast Community College, Newport Mesa Unified School District (USD), Garden Grove USD, and Peoria USD

  • Insurance Carrier Plans, such as Cigna, Trigon Blue Cross, New England Financial, Provident, United Benefit Life, Celtic, and Boston Mutual

We know you want to find out if your claims administrator is looking out for your health care costs. And, before you spend money to partner with a firm to evaluate your administrator, you want to make sure the firm you hire delivers on its promises. We understand what you want, and we know that delivering results is the most important way we can help you. At Benefit Plan Audit Services, we deliver those results, because "What You Want, We Want."

We can help you save money by reducing your health benefits claims expense.
Please click here to email us for more info: info@beneplanaudit.com.

Our Services
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Benefit Plan Audit Services, LLC
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Contact: Robert Frcek
961 Amherst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA
Phone: (310) 629-5372
Email: rfrcek@beneplanaudit.com

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