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SANTA MONICA, CA - September 6, 2001 - Benefit Plan Audit Services, LLC (BPA) announced today that it has commenced operation by offering a full range of claims and operational evaluation services for benefit plans, third party administrators (TPAs), and insurance carriers.

The firm's services include evaluations of claims payments, claims operations, retirement account payments, administrative operations, and stop-loss procedures. BPA also provides litigation support, fraud investigations, operational controls reviews, follow-up evaluations, and compliance reviews and consulting.

Robert J. Frcek is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of BPA. Mr. Frcek is a CPA who is not actively practicing public accounting. He served for nearly 20 years as the Chief Audit Executive for several large, nationally recognized TPAs, including HealthPlan Services, PlanVista Corporation, Harrington Services, and American Benefit Plan Administrators.

Mr. Frcek stated, "We at BPA are dedicated to being the premier world-class consulting group specializing in the review of health claims and retirement benefit plan payments, procedures, and controls. We will provide our clients with the highest quality professional consulting services, at a cost-effective price."

BPA noted that it does not compete with CPA firms for financial audit services, in that BPA does not provide financial auditing or assurance services. Instead, BPA provides the procedural and control evaluation services that can help reduce benefit costs and improve administrative operations.

Mr. Frcek added, "We are committed to providing our clients with the best people for the job. Our team of professionals has a proven track record in all aspects of claims processing and evaluation. We hire only the most qualified, seasoned professionals in the health care evaluation and consulting field. Unlike our larger competitors, we will never send inexperienced individuals in to evaluate your benefit plans. We know that it takes experience in the health care payment and operations environment to understand the complexity and intricacies of your benefit plans. We provide a team of professionals with the depth of talent and skills to quickly and effectively make a difference for you, and save you money. We bring the proven track record to deliver, and the ingredients to succeed, to every project we perform. And, we do all this at a budget-friendly rate."

Benefit Plan Audit Services is the premier evaluation and consulting group, dedicated to health claims and retirement benefit plan payments, procedures, and controls. Visit the company's website at www.beneplanaudit.com
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